Who we are

SYNEKAS was born from a passion to conduct mutually beneficial business to realize the true African potential and also identifying the great opportunities yet to be tapped into on the continent. Through networking and sourcing various investment opportunities, the founders decided to form a consultation entity to advice investors on where opportunities can be found and how to operate within the African environment.

Our expertise

With experience totalling over 15 years, we have come to understand the business climate of the continent and using our know-how, we have successfully advised investors on where and how to source the right opportunities to fit into their strategy as well as brokered transactions for several conglomerates.

How we work

SYNEKAS uses ground sources to analyse investment opportunities, working around the inability of statistical reporting entities to report accurate figures and measured risks on the continent. By initially using market reports to analyse growth opportunities, market size and risks in the operating environment, we go further by contacting our hubs on the ground and meeting individuals who have operated in that space to conclude if a potential investment has been accurately forecast.

For the international investor interested in Sub Sahara Africa, we say ‘Look at the standalone risks on each investment for what they are and how they can be managed, and avoid looking at Africa as one country with the same risks present everywhere’.

Why Africa

The case for investing in Africa has been widely made, however the opportunities to invest have not always been obvious and the stigma of Africa’s risk is one that the continent has not been able to shake off.

So while many investors do see and agree that the potential exists, few have been willing to follow this belief through with investments. The continent is booming and offers a largely untapped market. But Africa has many economies, with differing populations, wealth and operating conditions, literally Africa offers the best and worst but SYNEKAS only looks to bring the best to our potential clients

The untapped resources are immense and we look to seek the best possible investment opportunities going forward as we believe Africa is well poised to rank amongst the best globally

Over the past decade, Africa has grown to become the investment destination of choice for investors looking for vehicles which can deliver higher returns than their traditional assets: